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Look carefully at this amazing photo.   Look at the left side of her hair, at the very edge do you see a man dressed in the 1940's style suit?   Also do you see the ectoplasm around her lower lip and chin area? On the right side of her face, in her hair at chin level, there appears to be yet another face.

I have enlarged the areas of the above photo for you to examine.



Do you see the man?   If you look at the small white spot and imagine that as his head you can distinctly see a man dressed in a suit, however if you focus on the bottom of this pic, you will see lips with teeth showing and then you will see a "face".



Here is the chin area with the ectoplasmic area.   This woman does not claim any psychic abilities, and was quite distressed by this photo.   She is however experiencing an active Haunting in Kentucky.

Send us your comments about this unusual photo.

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